¿Por qué nosotros no? Acción Ciudadana por la Salud y el cambio de la Ley Española de Tabaco


The grassroots movement PORQUE NOSOTROS SÍ! XQNS is a not-for-profit organization, only because of the donations from people who are committed to this cause of public health. .

Your collaboration, no matter how small, is the only thing that will allow us to continue defending smoke-free places. It will also allow us to continue working towards new smoke-free spaces, like in cars with children, stadiums, and beaches. In addition to other initiatives, it will help us work towards stricter cigarette packaging, smoking cessation assistance, continuing education of healthcare professionals, or working against publicity strategies of the tobacco industry. This will help us make the advances that we need to reduce the devastating impact that the consumption of tobacco has on our country.

Please consider making a donation to support our work. THANK YOU.

You can make a donation in the following ways:


Paypal is a platform that allows you to make secure international payments with any type of credit or debit card.

You can make a donation to the movement in whatever amount you would like. If you need proof of payment, send us an email by clicking here.


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