¿Por qué nosotros no? Acción Ciudadana por la Salud y el cambio de la Ley Española de Tabaco

How can you enforce the law if you do not smoke?

  • Do not let yourself be a passive smoker. Actively claim your air and your health and do not allow any breach of the new law.
  • Since January 2, 2011, 257 million Europeans interact with each other, eat in restaurants, and have fun in smoke-free bars and nightclubs.

If you smoke you should be aware that:

  • 1.- A smoker inhales only 15% of the total smoke produced his cigar. The remaining 85% goes to the atmosphere you breathe.
  • 2.- Snuff smoke smoked by others not only damages your lungs but affects – in varying degrees – different areas of your body, increasing your risk of cancer, heart attack and STROKE
  • 3.- If you stay an hour in a smoke-contaminated environment, it’s the same as if you were smoking two or three cigarettes actively
  • 4.- In Spain, more than 3,200 non-smokers die each year, because of diseases caused by breathing polluted smoke indoors. MORE PEOPLE DIE LIKE THIS THAN IN TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS.
  • 5.- The countries that have chosen SMOKE FREE workplaces and hotels have improved their cardiovascular health and seen a decrease in stroke statistics
  • 6.- Secondhand smoke doesn’t only give you itchy eyes and make you smell when you go home. Breathing smoke in hospitality businesses is above all a TOXIC GAS that damages your health and the health of those around you.YOU CAN WASH YOUR CLOTHES CLEAN, BUT YOU CANNOT UNDO THE DAMAGE THAT THE SMOKE DOES TO YOUR HEALTH.
  • Join all of the people who understand that individual and social health is a fundamental human value.

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