¿Por qué nosotros no? Acción Ciudadana por la Salud y el cambio de la Ley Española de Tabaco

How can you comply with the law if you are a businessman or hospitality worker?

  • 1.- Put a sign at the front of your establishment in a visible place where you indicate that it’s prohibited to smoke.
  • 2.- If you see a CUSTOMER smoking:

    - Kindly remind them that it’s prohibited to smoke and let them know that they can smoke outside.
    - If they insist, you have the option of not serving them.
    - If they do not adhere to your recommendations, we recommend that you call the authorities to handle the situation (local police, regional, national, or civil guard), and file the proper complaint, to avoid getting sanctioned as an establishment.
  • 3.- If you see an EMPLOYEE smoking:

    - Remind them that it’s prohibited to smoke and the Business has a responsibility over them and could face fines.
    - In the case that they don’t adhere to your recommendations and/or the behavior continues, the standard disciplinary actions for employees should be executed.
  • 4.- Inform your workers of the standard protocol of action in these kinds of cases.
  • Hospitality workers are really the protagonists of the smoke-free law.
  • Since January 2, 2011, professional Spanish hospitality workers now work in smoke-free bars, restaurants, and discos.

If you are a business owner or a hospitality worker, you should know that:

  • 1.- Working in a smoke-free environment is YOUR RIGHT.
  • 2.- Smoke-free bars, restaurants, or clubs guarantee you good air quality, a better preservation of your products, and a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT TO WORK.
  • 3.- The benefits of working in a smoke-free workplace are IMMEDIATE and get better with time.
  • 4.- You will have less filth on the floors and walls of your establishment which will mean less maintenance costs for your business.
  • 5.- Don’t think otherwise; the large majority OF YOUR CLIENTS ARE GRATEFUL for a smoke-free environment.
  • 6.- You’re expanding your market potential. Think that THREE OUT OF FOR PEOPLE – potential customers – ARE NON-SMOKERS.
  • 7.- The tobacco industry’s interests have always forecasted the loss of customers and businesses being destroyed. But it’s not like that. The reality in Europe tells us that smoke-free places get the growing acceptance of the general population (smokers and non-smokers alike). Furthermore, everyone is realizing that smoke-free air is A BIG FORM OF SHARING.
  • 8.- The hospitality industry in Spain should boast about its air quality, conservation of products, and above all, about the HEALTH AND SATISFACTION OF ITS CUSTOMERS AND WORKERS.


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