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FC Barcelona and The European Commission Join Forces to Help Millions of Europeans Quit Smoking

21/09/2012 PR Newswire

PR Newswire

BRUSSELS, September 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

The European Commission (EC) and FC Barcelona (Barça) today announce an unprecedented partnership. 'Quit Smoking with Barça' (quitsmokingwithbarca.eu) will harness the success of the European Commission's "Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable" campaign and the support of Barça's millions of fans to help 28 million European smokers[*] kick the habit forever.

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Partnering one of the world's most prestigious sports clubs and a European institution is an ambitious project never before tried on such a scale. 'Quit Smoking with Barça' is the latest and most audacious initiative of the award-winning "Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable" campaign, this is the first time that the European Commission has collaborated with a sporting partner that reaches the hearts of millions of people. The programme aims not to judge smokers, but instead underlines the many benefits of quitting smoking, ...

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... combining these positive messages with the evidence-based tools of the "Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable" campaign. 'Quit Smoking with Barça' offers supporters of Barça, football and sport in general, a personalised health training programme with daily quit smoking tips and encouragement direct from the hearts and mouths of the club itself.

The campaign will be powered by iCoach (http://www.exsmokers.eu), a free, proven digital health tool already helping almost a quarter of a million people across Europe (equivalent to 1 in every 500 smokers) in their quest to give up smoking for good. iCoach is available from today as an app for both for iPhone and Android (http://www.exsmokers.eu/mobile).

"Through this collaboration we will seek to help football supporters across Europe to take back control of their health and their lives, encouraging them to be as passionate about their health as they are about the "beautiful game"," said FC Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell speaking at the launch announcement at the European Commission Headquarters in Brussels.

Rosell continued, "We feel proud to be here today and to work side by side with the European Commission to improve the health of our supporters and all fans of football. At Barça we firmly believe in our slogan 'more than a club' and we promote values of respect, health and social commitment. Our fans and members have given us their unconditional support and dedication for 113 years, and it is our duty to look after their most important asset of all - their health. Barça understands how important teamwork is in overcoming challenges, so through the 'Quit Smoking with Barça' campaign we are going to be their teammate in helping them win their battle against cigarettes. We will offer them guidance, encouragement and practical help. I'm calling on all smokers to join this campaign."

Speaking about the new alliance, John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumers says "I am delighted to work together with FC Barcelona to help Europeans keep away from smoking. The European Commission has a solid track record in raising awareness about smoking and in delivering successful tobacco control measures across the EU. Our "Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable" campaign is helping hundreds of thousands of men and women on their journey towards a smoke-free life, and this collaboration should help amplify our message. Using the universal language of football, we can support more Europeans in their efforts to quit smoking and becoming unstoppable ex-smokers for life."

Dr. Jordi Monés, the director responsible for Barça's medical area, and pioneer of the club's previous smoking cessation initiative, 'Barça Sense Fum' (Smoke-Free Barça), which saw a smoking ban across all Barça facilities said "Barça feels very proud to collaborate with an institution like the European Commission. We wanted to join forces with the biggest public body in Europe to convince people to take the first step towards smoke-free living. Just as our fans support and cheer us to victory, through 'Quit Smoking with Barça' we will now support them through their toughest challenge -to quit smoking for good."

'Quit Smoking with Barca' is a joint commitment between FC Barcelona and the European Commission to take a stand against smoking and the nearly 700,000 preventable deaths caused by tobacco in Europe each year. Harnessing the power of the European Commission's "Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable" campaign and Barcelona's 'Sense Fum' initiative, the campaign will encourage and support the 28 million smokers across * Europe in the 25-34 year old age group to kick the habit and become unstoppable ex smokers for life (quitsmokingwithbarca.eu).

Govt to ban sale of gutka, other chewable tobacco

18/09/2012 The Times of India

September 18, 2012

CHENNAI: The state government is likely to ban gutka and pan masala containing tobacco and nicotine in a couple of weeks. The food safety department has recommended a ban on the manufacture, sale and storage of such products under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) regulation issued on August 1, 2011.

Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Delhi have already banned these products. A senior official said: "Under the act, the food safety commissioner has the power to ban gutka and paan masala. We are sure we will be able to enforce the ban as early as possible," he said.

According to the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sales) Regulations of 2011, the food safety commissioner has the powers to prohibit -- in the interest of public health -- the manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of any article of food either in the whole of the state or a part for a period not exceeding one year. The act includes Rule 2.3.4, according ...

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... to which tobacco and nicotine should not be used as ingredients in any food products. The state could now ban gutka using this regulation coupled with a Supreme Court ruling that stated, "since pan masala, gutka and supari are eaten for taste and nourishment, they are all food." The central government has also sent letters to all states proposing a ban on these tobacco products.

A public interest litigation petition filed by advocate P T Geotom is pending with the Madras High Court which ordered notice to the chief secretary, health secretary, commissioner of food safety and others. Geotom said he had sent a representation to the authorities on August 4, 2012 requesting a ban on sale of consumable tobacco products and restrictions on sale of cigarettes near educational institutions and no-smoking zones

The state has registered a rise in the incidence of oral and other forms of cancer, since a sizeable population is addicted to such products. Health activists and NGOs had been pushing for a ban on tobacco products. Anti-tobacco activists cite several reasons for banning gutka. A recent report of the Union ministry of health states that 28 out of the 3,095 chemical components in chewing tobacco products (including gutka) are proven carcinogens. The most abundant group of carcinogens is the tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines. More than 90% of oral cancer in India is directly associated with tobacco use. India spends 300 billion annually in both public and private on treatment of tobacco-related illnesses.


Madrid government rejoices at news of EuroVegas decision

11/09/2012 Bruno Gª - José Marcos EL PAIS

Opposition politicians fear “tax haven” abuses as doubts amid lingering doubts over macro-project’s financing.

The announcement that EuroVegas will finally be built in Madrid after months of uncertainty was welcomed with “great joy” by the regional government, which called the news “a liberation.”

“The regional premier’s determination has brought this project here over other serious candidates like Barcelona,” said a spokesperson for Esperanza Aguirre, of the conservative Popular Party (PP).

Madrid and Barcelona had been fighting over the chance to host what amounts to a Las Vegas franchise — an enormous gambling complex that could hold up to 12 resorts with 3,000 rooms each, six casinos, an auditorium with a seating capacity for 15,000 people, nine show rooms, seven theaters, dozens of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, between one and three golf courses and 40,000 parking spots. The project is the brainchild of the US business tycoon Sheldon Adelson, the world’s 14th richest individual and owner of Las Vegas Sands (LVS), who said he wants “to ...

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... create a mini-Las Vegas in Europe.”

“Perhaps today, unlike 30 years ago, Madrid is more cosmopolitan and more open than Barcelona,” said Aguirre in a radio interview to justify Adelson’s decision to snub the Catalan nationalist government. “Catalonia has an advantage that we cannot compete with, which is the sea, but perhaps the sea is not so interesting to someone who just wants people to be in his hotels, his theaters, his museums and his sports areas.”

The public tug-of-war between both regions met with public protests over the plans and numerous question marks regarding just how much money and jobs EuroVegas will bring. Spanish politicians rushed to say that Adelson’s project will mean a 16.9-billion-euro investment and 261,000 new jobs, but the fact is that the figures have been changing from one month to the next. In the meantime, Adelson has demanded special legal treatment for his complex, including exemptions from labor laws, the smoking ban and major tax breaks for a decade.

Madrid’s Socialists say they will be “very vigilant” when it comes to “the secret conditions” negotiated between Aguirre’s government and the magnate because “the law must be the same for everyone,” said the party branch secretary general, Tomás Gómez.

Meanwhile, UPyD spokesman Luis de Velasco noted that his group has opposed this project from day one “because we disagree with this growth model based on gambling for the region; we disagree with the final goal, with the legislative concessions and with the public economic resources that will be used.”

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